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5 things to do on the Canary Islands

I was born and raised on the Canary Islands. This makes me biased when I say that these islands in the middle of nowhere are the actual paradise on earth. What I do know as an objective fact, however, is that a considerable number of British people think the same way as I do. There […]

Degenerate Countries: Spanish neo-fascists

The financial crisis of 2008 left Europe’s middle-class in chaos. As a direct consequence, far-right social movements and political parties started to appear in most European countries. Trying to take advantage of disillusioned workers, these movements have been spreading nationalist and xenophobic sentiments across the Western world with their populist rhetoric. France, Austria, Greece, the […]

Covert Degenerate

The bottle was out of my reach. I struggled, but eventually grabbed it. I stared at the bottle, admiring it. “I missed you,” I mumbled before gulping whatever was left of yesterday’s rum down. I have to meet with Antonio today to pick up more hash. I am dry. No pills, no weed, no alcohol […]