5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Out Of University

As a young person and student myself, I have flirted with the idea of dropping out. Ultimately, I decided not to, but before you accuse me of hypocrisy and empty threats – hear me out. Young people today no longer deem university necessary, and this isn’t without reason. Student debt in the UK is currently around £101 billion, and this figure is expected to triple within the next 30 years. With 1 in 10 students dropping out in the first year the idea is by no means unheard of and why wouldn’t it be? Especially with the £20,000 in debt, you can expect to gain. The negative stigma attached to Dropping out has slowly dissipated – and with figureheads like Steve Jobs (Apple Founder), Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder), and Evan Williams (Twitter Founder) being drop-outs (and tremendously successful) you can understand why young people might be convinced. I decided not to drop-out solely because I’ve heard my university has good connections and will help me land a job in my field as soon as I finish, but then again, I could probably jump right into it now instead of delaying for three more years. However, I digress, so without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should drop out of university.

I: You Hate it


“I thought it was useless, I was buying the books, I was buying the food, I paid for my room, and I was passing. But one day I realised I didn’t just dislike it, I hated it. And I didn’t need this debt.” -Journalism/Philosophy Dropout (Patrick Ball)

It might hit you one day, or not – but the day you realise you’re unhappy and you can somehow relate it to your course, I implore you to bail. If you’re not happy there, you have more to lose by staying then leaving.

II: Money Wasted


A degree costs and the sum is by no means small. I personally pay out roughly £21,000 a year by remaining here – that’s £9,000 on my course, and £11,000 on my maintenance loan (yes I study in London) and even this isn’t enough. I still have to work on the side. Now if I boil this down to a daily cost, I can eventually work out the cost I’m paying for each seminar or lecture – and realistically, I’m not getting value for money. The sessions that do benefit me and the degree I get at the end are meant to balance this out, however,  If you, like me, question the financial cost it may be time to repave your path.

III: No Motivation 


By Phoenix Cronin

This may stem from a lack of interest or the teaching technique, but if you find yourself pondering the big questions, looking out the window, or flat-faced with your headphones on (like our university student above) university may not be your strong suit. Even if you have a strong passion for your course, finding something else that motivates you will develop you better.

IV: Followed the Crowd


Whether it’s because you were trying to delay real life or just went with the crowd, being somewhere because you felt it was the right thing to do doesn’t mean it is the right thing for you. A lot of students go to university for the lifestyle, and although the lifestyle can be great if your foundation is a course you don’t eventually you will come to the realisation that the lifestyle isn’t worth the debt, and you would be better off changing lifestyle for a better course.

V: It’s just a degree


Sure, you’ll get a degree, but you’ll be amongst the millions of other graduates who have one. Setting yourself apart doesn’t come with the degree, and if you feel your skills can be honed better in real life experience – take the chance.

If you found this article useful and it made you stop to think, it’s possible you’re my intended audience. Don’t be rash and instead consider what you could do to make your experience more worthwhile.


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